Rather than the linear sequence of information, displayed in talked and written language, human brain takes advantage of graphical 2D structures in order to process and use information for solving problems. After the groundbreaking work of George Lakoff, metaphors left the role of entertaining figures of speech and gained the status of decision making tools. The four perinatal matrices of Stanislav Grof are an excellent demonstration of connected paradoxical meanings for the metaphor of the container – the womb,  that pursue mammals along their lives.

The concept of metapatterns was conceived by Gregory Bateson as a way of exploring the fundamental connectedness of the phenomenal world. Metapatterns as patterns that connect become "functional" or "meaningful" connections. Metapatterns are used as metaphoric descriptors in many different contexts. Although specific meanings are associated with the appearance of metapatterns in different contexts, more fundamental meanings are shared among contexts, with no causal connections.

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