Multimethodology is the "art" of use more than one methodology or part of methodologies, in order to consider, in the best way, the various problems. The multimethodological approach assumes that methods need to comply with real world problems and not the reverse. Different quantitative methods can contribute to manage different parts of the problem, as long as they are integrated from a systemic and qualitative perspective. Some authors call "third movement" the methodological effort to use combined methods of research, being a result of the controversies involved between the two previous movements, namely: the quantitative research, which dominated most of the 20th century, and the qualitative, which is characteristic of the past two decades.

Actually, the philosophy behind a strategic approach to the formulation and structuring of complex problems is emphasized by the US and UK Operational Research schools, as shown in the respective societies websites; the first prescribes the use of analytics in order to explore different approaches to the database, while the second includes a critical step that consists of the analysis of different approaches to problem structuring. Thus the use of multiple methodologies, either quantitative or qualitative, is an inherent trend in both schools of OR.

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