Performance Assessment

New methodologies emerged with the need of multidisciplinary assessments following the reform on public services in the last decades. They are multidisciplinary in their essence, since they need to deal with technical, economical, social and environmental issues.

Performance assessment comprises a set of activities in support of the organization management, contributing to the identification of relevant aspects to be evaluated. The analysis of factors that concur for an organization to achieve its objectives is fundamental for a diagnosis of its performance.

Development of indicators that express the organization's performance, and their associated results should be used to synthesize information. These variables are critical to estimate the efficiency of an organization.

However, it is necessary to compare an organization performance with others in the same area, in order to determine its efficiency, pointing out benchmarks and best practices. Those elements might guide improvements implementation. The DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) is a prominent methodology used in the comparison and determination of efficiency as part of PSIGMA studies.

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